im体育 Tax Alert September 2021: Client Alert

Take a look at our September snapshot of taxation developments that may affect your business, investments or superannuation. Please get in touch with your local im体育 office should you need further advice.

Single Touch Payroll update

Phase 2 coming soon

The ATO is expanding the information that businesses send through Single Touch Payroll (STP). From 1 January 2022, 大部份雇主须提供额外资料,例如雇员的入职日期及离职日期, their reasons for leaving employment and work type. im体育官网工资和工资的基本信息以及STP推出的第一阶段的超级负债信息也将在第二阶段进一步深入, moving away from just reporting the gross amounts.

According to the ATO, the Phase 2 report will also include a six-character tax treatment code for each employee. 该代码将由STP软件自动生成,是概述可能影响扣款金额的因素的一种简化方式.

STP最初是在2016年引入的,作为一种雇主向ATO实时报告员工税收和超级信息的方式. Most employers, regardless of the number of their employees, were required to start reporting from 1 July 2021.

拥有预提支付号码(WPN)的雇主可以在2022年7月1日前开始通过STP报告支付, 在2019-2020和2020-2021财年,向封闭式受款人支付薪酬的小型雇主无需通过STP报告这些受款人.

而在大多数STP软件解决方案中,第二阶段信息的增加将自动得到处理, the increased stratification of reporting may require you to pay more attention to your business’s payroll, to ensure all the information you enter into the system is correct.

Tip: Not sure how the STP Phase 2 changes might apply to your business? Contact us today for more information.

Tax time 2021: rental property pitfalls

This tax time, the ATO is again closely monitoring claims in relation to rental properties. ATO有数据匹配程序,收集从2018-2019年到2022-2023年im体育年度的房产和业主的详细信息. These programs expand the rental income data collected directly from third-party sources, including sharing economy platforms, rental bond authorities and property managers.

In the 2019–2020 financial year over 1.8 million taxpayers owned rental properties and claimed $38 billion in deductions. While most taxpayers do the right thing and are able to justify their claims, ATO指出,2019-2020年,超过70%的被选择审查租赁信息的回报需要调整.

Tip: ATO的指南明确表示,不打算惩罚租金im体育或物业成本受到COVID-19负面影响的业主. We can help you report the right information in your return this tax time.

New sharing economy reporting regime proposed

政府正在推进将共享经济平台的信息报告义务立法,以便更容易地监督参与者的遵守情况, while at the same time reducing the need for ATO resources.

As the sharing economy becomes more prevalent and fundamentally reshapes many sectors of the economy, the government is scrambling to contain the fall-out. While there no standard definition of the term “sharing economy”, it’s usually taken to involve two parties entering into an agreement for one to provide services, or to loan personal assets, to the other in exchange for payment. Examples of platforms include Uber, Airbnb, Car Next Door, Menulog, Airtasker and Freelancer, to name a few.

With the rapid expansion of various sharing economy platforms, the government’s Black Economy Taskforce has noted that without compulsory reporting, it is difficult for the ATO to gain information on compliance without undertaking targeted audits. Putting formal reporting requirements in place will align Australia with international best practice.


This new compulsory reporting regime would apply to all operators of an electronic service, including websites, internet portals, apps, gateways, stores and marketplaces. 任何允许买卖双方进行交易的平台都将被要求报告某些交易的信息. However, 如果交易只涉及货物的供应,而货物的所有权已永久改变,则一般不适用报告要求, where title of real property is transferred, or the supply is a financial supply.

Based on the draft legislation, 平台运营商将被要求报告在2022年7月1日或之后发生的与拼车或短期住宿服务相关的交易, unless an exemption applies. From 1 July 2023 all other categories of sharing economy platforms will be required to report, unless an exemption applies.

Tip: It’s expected that only the aggregate or total transactions relating to a seller over the reporting period will need to be provided; that is, information will not need to be provided on a transactional basis.

The initial reporting is expected to be biannual (1 July to 31 December, 及1月1日至6月30日),而电子服务营办商则须分别于1月31日及7月31日前呈报有关资料.

Reminder: super changes for the 2021 financial year

The government’s long-slated “flexibility in superannuation” legislation is finally law. This means from 1 July 2021, 65岁和66岁的个人现在可以获得与非减让性超级缴款有关的预先安排. 对于任何超过其减让性缴款上限的人,超额缴款费用将被取消, 获得COVID-19超提前发放额度的个人现在可以在不超过非减让性上限的情况下重新捐款.

Previously, if you made super contributions above the annual non-concessional contributions cap, you could automatically access future year caps if you were under 65 at any time in the financial year.


Tip: For the 2021 income year, the non-concessional contributions cap is $110,000, which means that individuals aged 65 and 66 can now access a cap of up to $330,000.

Previously, 超过减让缴款上限的个人将必须支付超额缴款费(约3%)以及当超额缴款重新列入其应评税im体育时应缴纳的额外税款. However, people who exceed their cap on or after 1 July 2021 will no longer pay the charge, 但仍将得到确定,并按其边际税率对任何超额的优惠捐款数额征税, less a 15% tax offset to account for the contributions tax already paid by their super fund.

Recontributions of COVID-19 early released super

Under the COVID-19 early release measures, individuals could apply to have up to $10,000 of their super released during the 2019–2020 financial year and another $10,000 released between 1 July and 31 December 2020. Between 20 April 2020 and 31 December 2020, the ATO received 4.78 million applications for early release, totalling $39.2 billion worth of super.

并不是每个申请超级发行的人最终都需要使用它,一旦政府增加了它的财政支持计划. From 1 July 2021, 获得COVID-19超早释放量的人可以重新贡献他们的超释放量, and those recontributions will not count towards their non-concessional contributions cap. 再缴款金额必须在2021年7月1日至2030年6月30日之间缴纳,而且必须在缴纳之前或缴纳时通知超级基金有关再缴款的情况.

Please get in touch with your local im体育 office should you need further advice.

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